The chronos of Interior design.

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So today I found myself stuck on Pinterest. On a normal day you’d find me going over fashion or skin care feeds, trying to learn more and experiment with a little bit of this and that. (Honestly, what would our lives be without the internet? I shudder to think.) But today I was stuck on home decor feeds. Mostly minimalist designs cause that’s my personal preference. I’m a minimalist by nature. I love clean spaces, high white walls with big mirrors and vases you can’t help but fall in love with.

Don’t get me started on the color collaboration. I’m currently very obsessed with Grey and White with a bit of color here and there. White with a touch of morden wood is also one of my favorite designs. The wood creates a feel of a warm home, I always reminisce about renting a cottage in the middle of nowhere with a view of a near by lake, no internet connection, fire wood and just go reconnect with nature. I love love houses and beautiful spaces.

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Kitchens and bathrooms are my two favorite spaces in a house. When I’m viewing a place, they are the first things I check. Kitchens can either make it break your house. Living rooms and bedrooms are quite easy to wing. Kitchens are my safe haven of some sort, I create a lot magic there and in the shower too, lol.

After much much browsing, I came across these three. And I wanna add that I came across a lot of beautiful designs, fell in and out of love but never quite finding exactly what I want until I came across these three, oh my, my! They incorporate everything I love so beautifully. Minimal, clean, modern. Just perfect!

A house is not quite a house without a bit of character. I’m a very artistic person, I love a house with paintings, sculptures, anything artsy really. I love to travel with my mind and art takes me to many great places. These caught my eye.

Mirrors! Mirrors! Mirrors! What’s a house without mirrors?
Being the huge picture capturer that I am, big mirrors are an absolute must for me. Preferably round one’s. But of cause, mirrors aren’t just great for taking pictures, they actually create a striking classy effect in a house and it even doesn’t matter where you put one. Mirrors are just beautiful and are an easy way to make spaces look bigger and to increase light in the house. I don’t know how other people do without mirrors. I literally own about 5. Three at home. One I carry with me everywhere and one on my phone. Yup! That’s me.

And well, that my friends, is how my day went. I hope you enjoyed this insert on how I spent the entire day lazing around on Pinterest.

Please do share your apartment/home ideas and any minimal DIYs. This is a safe space. lol. 😊 x


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