#LabelloSmileChallenge 😊😀


A smile has so much power. It can brighten someone’s day in an instant; it can change the way you feel about yourself. A smile can send a message of love and happiness without saying a word.20170519_LabelloSmile-3657


For some children, such as 7year old Luyanda, who are born with facial abnormalities, to be able to smile is something they wish for most. Being born with a cleft lip and cleft palate caused caused sever challenges in early feeding and Uyanda’s wasn’t blessed with seeing her precious child’s first smile.



From June this year, Labello is caring for lips and smiles across South Africa in a whole new way, by partnering with Smiles Foundation to help other children like Uyanda. Through the Smile Foundation Uyanda has had three corrective surgeries and ongoing speech therapy over the last six year to give this Courageous little girl the beautiful smile and confidence that she has today.



Take on the #LabelloSmileChallenge to help transform lives. The Labello dual pack goes for R34,99 and R2 from it goes to the Smile Foundation. The goal is to raise R250 000 which will be used to support pediatric patients. Well, what are you waiting for? Get your pack today and share those smile pictures with me.

Happy Smiling!!!☺


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